Finishing plaster coatings made of  slaked fat lime putty- seasoned in the pit for at least 12 months- marble grains, earth pigments and natural rheological modifiers of vegetable origin.

They offer excellent aesthetic qualities with mineral mattness, fine nuances and  warm colors. Thanks to their formulation they can give several textures, depending on the application techniques : one coat sponge floated for a delicately rustic surface, two coats burnished for a rough stone look or a smooth finish like matt stucco.
They are suitable for indoor decoration as well as building facades, particularly historical ones.


  • High breathability , with optimal vapour exchange between the masonry and the environment.
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation, due to earth pigments  coloring that do not fade in time.
  • CO2 absorbent during the carbonation process (lime absorbs CO2 contained in the air)
  • Aging process identical to that of historical plasters – overtime they aquire a softness or patina that enhances decorative qualities.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-mould
  • Non – toxic, free from asbestos, formaldehyde and heavy metals
  • Eco  – friendly
  • Ready for use

Available in pots of 5 and 25 kg

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