Natural premixed, coloured finishing plaster coats based on high-purity hydrated lime, selected marbles, sand, vegetable additives and a small percentage of white cement. It gives a fine texture with nuances and warm colors in different finishes that can be obtained depending on the application techniques : one coat sponge floated for a rustic surface, two coats smoothed with a stainless steel trowel for a matt stucco finish.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (renovation, restoration, new buildings)
Ideal as a base for lime washing.

Features :

  • Eco-friendly
  • Good resistance to UV radiation
  • Naturally breathable
  • E.U. Classification: VOC compliant

Available in 25 kg sacs


Color Palette

Colors are games of light, Goethe says.
No computer can accurately convey the visual experience of the codes below. The citation of the color chart is indicative.