This natural paint for untreated wood follows an ancient recipe from Scandinavia, where  it is commonly used for window frames, doors, panelling and building facades.It contains simple raw materials : pure linseed oil, wheat flour and earthen pigments. Yet, it is an ideal treatment for optimal endurance against harsh climate conditions.The wood is protected but remains breathable, the paint does not form a film upon it like conventional paint and is not flaking. Also the colour does not fade, thanks to the earthen pigments that do not alter with UV radiation.
It gives a totally matt look of great opacity, while the wood grain remains visible.  It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Ideal for furniture, as a natural alternative to chalk paints which are based on acrylic resins.
Easy to apply
100% Natural
Free of volatile organics
Pots of 0,75 – 5 – 15 ltr


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