• We are a creative Studio of complete solutions for the home, working exclusively with appointments for your best service.

  • See the touch and make the right combinations befoure the final material choice.

  • We give solutions up to the last decorative detail you will ask for.

  • Simplicity, elegance and freedom are our choises.

  • The applications of cement mortar highlight the work and its creator.

  • Natural materials find their expression in Damascus.

  • Renovation with Damask is a creative composition of materials and skilled craftsmen.


Damask addresses everyone who thinks their home as a source of inspiration, relaxation and pleasure …


Damask offers complete solutions in decoration, in materials, in materials and construction applications, for small and …


We are a creative Studio of complete solutions for home, designed to “build” the life around your home ...


Specialized manpower creates complete material proposals, combines up to the last detail the …

DAMASK Concept Design – Interiors we support.

The following photos are illustrative images from the internet and make it easier for you to identify the items that suit you and represent you the most.

Once you have reached the desired style, we can discover together the materials and ways that will showcase your personal requirements to create with you your personal style without limitations and without stereotypes.

DAMASK Collection – Materials that stand out!

Selected items from our collection that will make your home unique!

See what DAMASK can do for you !

With a focus on quality, elegance and simplicity, you can choose products for complete solutions, small or large, to create and implement with us
Proposals up to the last decorative detail.

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With photos selected by Project’s and Concept’s supported by Damask to imagine your space! Download here …