Our cast stone freestanding bathts are made entirely from finely ground Volcanic Limestone mixed with high quality resin.
Volcanic Limestone is a unique material, extra strong and extrimely white – as white as lime putty. It is formed due to a magma-limestone interaction in the rare cases when magma on its journey upwards through the crust encounters limestone rocks that are lying under the roots of a volcano.
A stone-rich alternative to cast iron or acrylic these tubs, except from making a stunning centerpiece in any bathroom, show exceptional advantages.

  • 100% one piece, handfinished
  • High heat insulation properties, warm to the touch
  • Excellent stain resistance, easy to clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • Incredibly strong, no creaking or flexing
  • Offered in a spectrum  of 194 RAL colours in either gloss or matt finishes
  • Produced in traditional or modern freestanding bath designs
  • 25 Year Guarantee