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You may only admire the emerald color of the water in these photos but there are far more benefits for choosing this exotic tropical stone. Usually seen in pools and ponds of the Far East, it is radically spreading into Europe and the New World as the most functional covering that nature provides.
Rich in zeolite, a mineral found in volcanic rocks, it acts as a water purifier thanks to an extraordinary ability to absorb chemicals, toxins as lead or mercury, and ions dangerous to humans. Furthermore:

  • It reducts the consumption of chlorine or salt up to 20%
  • It presents a high density which increases waterproofing
  • It is resistant to extreme temperatures.

Dimensions 10×10, 10×20, 20×20 cm
Surface Flat or Split face

Lava slabs, the wonderful rock left by Earth’s anger. This Sacred stone of alchemists and Magicians, hides unique strengths, that makes it suitable even for pool cladding. It withstands water corrosion, high surface pressures and accumulates the heat of the sun so you can swim all over the year in pleasant conditions.

Dimensions 10×10, 30×30 cm
Surface Flat