• Deco Beton 2012

  • Beton Cire 2008

  • Quai Branly Museum 2005

    Dess Tadelakt

  • Dess Tadelakt 2009

  • Microcemento 2006

  • Beton Cire 2006

  • Beton Cire 2007

Beton Ciré

Polished cement coatings are found by tradition in most Mediterranean countries. The French call them Beton Ciré, the Moroccans Dess, the Spanish Microcemento, we Greeks patiti tsimentokonia
Are they the same?
-Certainly not. Different access to raw materials, environmental conditions, acquired tastes have led generations of artisans to compose notable variations in synthesis and technique.

For the last 15 years, we have been practicing all the above-mentioned techniques on over 55.000 m2 of applications of Beton Ciré. We are well aware of the strong assets and weaknesses of each system.
Today by combining the secrets of these mineral materials of tradition with the technology of modern chemistry, we are launching a Hybrid Cement Plaster that shows innovative properties :

  • No cracks
  • No need of enforcement with fiberglass mess
  • Great elasticity  permitting continuous areas of up to 500m2 without dilatation joints
  • Max compressive and tensile strength achieved sooner than 28 days
  • A + certification (minimum emission of  VOCs) in all system products
  • Small thickness of 2-3 mm, ideal as renovation material renovation material.

Damask Eco Product

Be informed about what A+ sign stands for the use of exterior and interior coatings