The emblematic ideogram of the cross, with its own semiotic bibliography, inspires from higher spiritual thoughts to simple material practices. In a simple modern performance, through the Santa Croce collection of bathroom taps, the cross sanctifies the water of our daily life and at the same time decorates our space.
Each battery is made of brass (copper alloy with zinc), without the addition of lead, and can be left as it is, “alive”, patented by artificial methods or replaced with chromium, nickel, copper, gold …
It is useful to know, that in “alive” finishes, brass remains in its natural, active state. It protects our health from bacteria and viruses, as the disinfectant properties of copper and its alloys have been known since ancient times.
At the same time, it reacts with the oxygen of the atmosphere, darkens over time, and gradually acquires a charming patina. When cleaned with brass or vinegar water products, it regains its original appearance.

Choose a tap in the “color” you are interested in, and combine it with the following rubies or levers.