Finishing system with natural or colored quartz sand and special transparent resins (epoxy, PU, acrylic). It is applied on any fixed surface. It creates uniform, cast, seamless surfaces, slightly or more sculpted, depending on the particle size, giving the natural sense of sand.
Quartz floors are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They are also suitable for swimming pool floors, walls, stairs, bathroom & kitchen countertops, furniture etc
Key features of quartz investment:

•anti-skid property
•high resistance to chemical, mechanical stress and outdoor conditions.
It is applied by specialized technicians to a layer thickness of 3 to 20 mm (depending on the particle size). It replaces the coatings such as cement, tile, stone, wood, dye. In indoor floors, bathrooms or kitchen benches, the quartz coating is fully sealed with a special resin, creating a smooth, pores-free surface that is easy to clean and does not create microbes.

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